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Customer satisfaction is very important to me.  I want each customer to be thrilled with their purchase.  Here are a few comments from my customers after they received their jewelry. 

** Sandy S. - "It is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life.  You expressed everything we discussed in the way you made them.  You are such a wonderful artist.  Everything is just perfect!" 4.10

** James M. - "You have very good taste and I'm very pleased with it and think it is very nice."  4.10

** Mollie B. -  "I loved the bracelet I got for my friend and so did she! She loved the colors and totally appreciated the work you did on it! Thanks so much!" 7.09

** Yvonne J. -  "I just wanted to let you know my daughter loves the earrings. Thank you so much for all your help and time in getting the right gift." 4.09

** Debbie H. -  "I LOVE MY BRACELET!!! Each one is so unique..... yes I admit it I have a serious addiction. I am a Robbonite... I have 4 but one is missing in action before the wedding. I am looking forward to getting my next one. Thank you so much Robbon." 3.09

** Kimberly S. - "Hi Robbon - I wanted to let you know I received the bracelet yesterday in the mail. It is even better in person. It is perfect! I can't wait to give it to her. Thanks again Robbon. You truly have an amazing talent!" 3.09

** Connie received a custom bracelet from her daughter and after she opened her gift  she sent me this comment.  "The bracelet you were commissioned to make for me has really touched my heart and soul. You really awed me with the frog bead and the charms are perfect. The colors are awesome. With the love you have put into making it, makes it an even more special treasure. Thank you so very much." 12.08

** Judy S. received two custom bracelets for Christmas from her daughter Kimberly and this is what she had to say.  "My dearest Robbon, the bracelets are magnificent!!! I look at them in such great wonder. I just don't understand how you make those intricate designs on those beads. Thank you so much for working with Kimberly to create such meaningful, beautiful pieces." 12.08

** Debbie H. ordered a custom bracelet and we put custom charms on it and she wrote this on her blog.  "I received the most wonderful gift in the mail. Robbon made me a glorious bracelet. Certain things make me cry. I can be depended to cry at Christmas when I get presents from my kids because they are usually heart felt and it just touches me. I teared up when I got this bracelet. You can't see it very well unless you enlarge the picture but there is a small silver nurse and a ballet shoe on the end to symbolize my two children. It's a 'mothers bracelet' made by my talented niece thus it is my 'family' bracelet." 8.08

** Michelle G. from In Stitches ordered a bracelet, a pair of earrings, and a matching pendant.  She said, "I just wanted to write and say I LOVE my stuff!!!!  It's all sooooo beautiful. I bought a necklace for the pendant. I can't wait to wear it to work! Thanks again for making it so beautiful! The size it perfect! I love it all!" 8.08

** Deb S. purchased the Memories bracelet and she said, "I got the bracelet a few minutes ago and I love it. It is so beautiful and I loved the packaging. So fun. It fit perfectly. Thank you, thank you." 8.08

** Lisa M. wrote "The name of Robbon's company should be called "delighted". This is how I felt when I was given my bracelet!  I love the variety of colors and brilliance that each piece radiates when I am wearing it. I think the custom piece Robbon created for me captures what I love- bright, cheery things! Because of the many colored lampwork beads, I can wear my bracelet with a variety of outfits.  Robbon named my bracelet "Friendly " which I feel describes me pretty well.
Also, the charms she has put on it fit me perfectly. I love Jesus more than
anyone else and have a passion for teaching young people. I love birds and
have several feeders for my "pets"." 6.08

** Michelle B. gave a custom designed bracelet to her mother with a special bead in it to represent her father who passed away a few years ago.  "She LOVED it! She couldn't wait until work the next day, so she could show it off. She really liked the bead for Dad. Of course it made her cry, but in a good way. Thank you again for making such a special and meaningful bracelet for her. It meant a lot to all of us."  4.08

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